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Probably the most frequently asked question to Britain Earl Photography, "What should we wear?"  If you know me, and know my style, you know I love traditional looks.  My girls wear tights and mary janes, my son is often in a jon jon, polo, and every other year or so I insist on my husband wearing a tie in our family portraits.  But that's just ME.  And that's kind of the answer to "what should we wear?" You and your family should just be YOU.  Some general guidelines I like to share are:

1) BE YOURSELF.  I like formal styles, but I try to make sure everyone in my family is happy and comfortable in what they're wearing.  (I'm sure at some point I'm going to have to hear my son's opinion on saddle shoes, but so far my daughters are all for wearing fancy clothes.)  If your style is more casual, go with it, just kick it up a notch.

2) Kick it up a notch.  When styling a family portrait look to your favorite store's ads for inspiration.  You'll notice that jeans and a T-shirt is never just jeans and at tee.  Accessorizing is the key to pulling a look together for the camera.  Ladies and girls, this means headbands, jewelry, fun shoes, etc.  Gentlemen can be a little trickier (at least my gentleman), think layers, maybe even a hat.

3)Dress Mom First.  I can't stress this point enough.  Ladies, you should think of yourself first.  (for once)  Choose your own outfit first.  Make it fun and fabulous.  Choose colors that flatter you, even splurge on hair and makeup.  In my experience, when Mom looks and feels her best, the tone is set for great family portraits.

4) Think Coordinate not Matching. Okay Mom, you chose a great outfit, now bring your family into the mix with complimentary and coordinating colors and styles.  Let's say you're wearing a patterned top, choose a couple of colors from the pattern to clothes your littles.  And make sure everyone is not in jeans, mix up the neutrals with khakis, shorts, skirts, etc.

And to help you visualize the big picture, here's  Mom in a patterned skirt, while her family echos the blues and corals:
What to Wear for Family Portraits l Britain Earl Photography

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