tip of the week: make a family vacation a family portrait! - AZ family portrait photographer

this is our preferred camping location each year:
family portrait
beautiful right?  every time we're camping, i get great shots of my girls in their grubby little camp clothes.  i cherish these photos but, being a fan of girls in white dresses, i always imagine them dancing around the trees like little angels. 

so, this time, i actually brought some white dresses, and we had ourselves a little photo session in the woods!
child portrait

child portrait

child portrait

toddler portrait

family portrait

family portrait

family portrait
i love this shot of all my lovelies headed back to camp!
family portrait
the moral of the story, or "tip of the week" is, be prepared!  think ahead when you travel..  are you going to the beach, the woods, the desert.  what would take your vacation photos to the level of a " family portrat?" since we live in the desert, it's rare to be surrounded by lush woods.  
 i'm so glad i did this.  i will cherish these images of my little woodland sprites! 

Wardrobe Wednesday! - AZ Family Photographer

Guess what????  it's finally getting COOLER around here!  yes, it's true our AZ temps are dipping below 100 degrees, and i even heard a rumor that it will be in the high 70's this week!!! this is big news for us desert dwellers! 

so, I'm finally feeling inspired for more autumn toned family wardrobes:
what to wear for family portraits
grey is hot right now.  i see it everywhere, and love it!  it's so versatile and can be super fun. here it's paired with a brown.  i love mom in a fun and flirty dress, bringing the color in.  this rusty orange-red is so autumnal, but the cut and fabric is light and airy.  perfect for my climate here in AZ. 

what makes this ensemble really pop is all the fun detailing.  the heart on sister's shirt, the layering for baby bro, mom's fun shoes, and of course girly hair accessories and jewelry.  fun+ simple + coordinated = great family portrait!!!

Halloween Mini Sessions! Going fast! - Gilbert, AZ Children's Photographer

Halloween/Autumn Mini-Sessions

Friday, October 14, 3-6pm
Gilbert, AZ

Here are a few FAQ's I've been getting:

What is a Mini-Session?
Mini-Sessions are scaled back, quickie portrait sessions geared to getting a few great pics in less time, and for less money than a traditional portrait session.

What do you get?
For $50, you get a 20 minute session (be on time, these are booked back-to-back), in a beautiful location; and 5 artistically enhanced images available for download. 

Who can be in the photo?
Anyone!  Bring 1 child, or the whole family, we'll click away and get all that we can in the 20 minutes allotted. 

Do we have to we have to wear a Halloween Costume?
No, there will be two "sets" on location.  One with a little added Halloween flare, the other more natural and autumnal, think pumpkins and hay bales.

How do I book?
There are only 4 sessions left so shoot me out an email at britain{at}britainearl{dot}com, or give me a call at 480.252.0556 to book your session today!