big 5 - AZ children's portrait photographer

on my children's birthdays, i love to take them out for a little photo session.  since Anna's is in july, i waited a while to beat the heat.  in the mean time, she butchered her bangs.  so, this shoot waited until she was five and a half.  she chose a golf theme, because she's all about golf with daddy.

 each back swing was accompanied by a wagging tongue!

i can't believe it's almost time to do her 6 year old pics.  time flies, i have to get better at posting these images. 

stephanie + jason: engaged - Tempe Engagement Photographer

sometimes the weather gets in the way of a portrait session.  most the time, i can work with it.  in fact, most the time, i welcome the challenge.  but usually, the client has a vision and a change in the weather means a change in the date of the session.  so, how happy was i that this couple was as excited about the rain as i was!  Stephanie, you rocked this cute pea coat! 
 i think the rain offered us a little romance.

 and downtown Tempe has some fun vibrant character!

Congratulations you two!