tip of the week: make a family vacation a family portrait! - AZ family portrait photographer

this is our preferred camping location each year:
family portrait
beautiful right?  every time we're camping, i get great shots of my girls in their grubby little camp clothes.  i cherish these photos but, being a fan of girls in white dresses, i always imagine them dancing around the trees like little angels. 

so, this time, i actually brought some white dresses, and we had ourselves a little photo session in the woods!
child portrait

child portrait

child portrait

toddler portrait

family portrait

family portrait

family portrait
i love this shot of all my lovelies headed back to camp!
family portrait
the moral of the story, or "tip of the week" is, be prepared!  think ahead when you travel..  are you going to the beach, the woods, the desert.  what would take your vacation photos to the level of a " family portrat?" since we live in the desert, it's rare to be surrounded by lush woods.  
 i'm so glad i did this.  i will cherish these images of my little woodland sprites! 

Wardrobe Wednesday! - AZ Family Photographer

Guess what????  it's finally getting COOLER around here!  yes, it's true our AZ temps are dipping below 100 degrees, and i even heard a rumor that it will be in the high 70's this week!!! this is big news for us desert dwellers! 

so, I'm finally feeling inspired for more autumn toned family wardrobes:
what to wear for family portraits
grey is hot right now.  i see it everywhere, and love it!  it's so versatile and can be super fun. here it's paired with a brown.  i love mom in a fun and flirty dress, bringing the color in.  this rusty orange-red is so autumnal, but the cut and fabric is light and airy.  perfect for my climate here in AZ. 

what makes this ensemble really pop is all the fun detailing.  the heart on sister's shirt, the layering for baby bro, mom's fun shoes, and of course girly hair accessories and jewelry.  fun+ simple + coordinated = great family portrait!!!

Halloween Mini Sessions! Going fast! - Gilbert, AZ Children's Photographer

Halloween/Autumn Mini-Sessions

Friday, October 14, 3-6pm
Gilbert, AZ

Here are a few FAQ's I've been getting:

What is a Mini-Session?
Mini-Sessions are scaled back, quickie portrait sessions geared to getting a few great pics in less time, and for less money than a traditional portrait session.

What do you get?
For $50, you get a 20 minute session (be on time, these are booked back-to-back), in a beautiful location; and 5 artistically enhanced images available for download. 

Who can be in the photo?
Anyone!  Bring 1 child, or the whole family, we'll click away and get all that we can in the 20 minutes allotted. 

Do we have to we have to wear a Halloween Costume?
No, there will be two "sets" on location.  One with a little added Halloween flare, the other more natural and autumnal, think pumpkins and hay bales.

How do I book?
There are only 4 sessions left so shoot me out an email at britain{at}britainearl{dot}com, or give me a call at 480.252.0556 to book your session today!

Tip of the Week: Ready - Set - MCP Actions!!!!!!

This weeks tip is: MCP Actions!!!!
if you haven't checked out this blog you are missing out on a wealth of photographic information!  on top of giving some great advice, tips, and reviews on the blog, the shop is full of great actions and tutorials to help your images come alive!!!

right now MCP is creating something new to make me swoon, Lightroom Presets!  i'm so excited. Lightroom is quickly becoming my software of choice, and i'm thrilled to have a new tool to maximize my workflow!

in conjunction with the launch of their Presets, MCP is having a giveway and contest.  there are 3 chances to win:  "like" MCP's Facebook Page, sign up with your email, and create an editing Blueprint using MCP actions. 

(so i just saw that i spelled After wrong, since i'm a mom of 4 it'll stay.  you get the idea.)

i love that i can use MCP actions to give a little "pop" to my photos.  here's what i did to take this one from good to great!

1) opened the image
2) ran MCP's Mini Fusion (the free version of an action set i'm saving all my pennies for)  get it here
3)added both cloud nine and pink cadillac
3) used a black brush at 30% to take of some of the cloud 9 layer from the skin.  i wanted to keep those deep brown tans!
4) flattened and saved as "after"
5) ran MCP's 2 image top and bottom
6) added "before" and "aftrer" (ha!) text
7) flattened

viola!!!  now i have just what i wanted, a great relaxed portrait of my girls.  the colors are slightly bolder and brighter, but the girls look natural and fresh, not heavily edited.  i can't wait 'til i can get the full Fusion set, there are so many options to creatively edit your photos! 

Wardrobe Wednesday - AZ family photographer

again, i realize autumn is coming upon most other parts of the country by now.  and here in AZ, we're feeling the drop in temps as well.  so long, 110 degrees!!!  it's even dipped down in to the 90's on some days. 

so with that in mind, this weeks wardrobe suggestions are still in the "summery" category.  but i still feel like the color palate is adaptable to fall. 
mom's got the print, and the colors for the rest of the family come from there.  turquoise for lil' sister, burnt orange for dad, and i love the denim/khaki combo on brother.  if you looking for a more autumnal portrait just take this same basic look and layer!  mom gets a gold or pink cardigan, long sleeves instead of shorts on the boys, and little sis can have a sweater too, or maybe even warmer looking dress in turquoise. 

Andrus Family - Newport Beach Family Photographer

when i announced my CA trip and photo day, i was so excited when my good friend and neighbor wanted in on some family photos! 
first, her family is beautiful!  so i knew i was getting some eye candy to shoot, and second, they are awesome and i knew they'd be lots of fun!!!

 i mean when you take 2 good lookin' poeple who clearly love each other, your bound to get a lovely familoy full of happiness, love, and fun!!!

 i love getting my lens on cute kiddos.  and this time i got 4!!!
i mean they're just beautiful!

 the boys gave me the best expressions:

 little CoCo was a little concerned about those crashing waved behind her, but we still got some smiles too!

 love this one:
 even though we were shooting mid-day, we still got some shots with that beautiful beach sunset! (wink)
thanks Andrus clan for being so fun!  not only at our shoot but for the rest of our beach weekend!  so much fun!

tip of the week! just shoot it! - AZ Portrait Photographer

with a brand new baby, timing a shoot right can be challenging.  let's face it, we often face challenges when we're shooting for that "golden hour" light.  i was determined to do a "back to school" shoot for my daughter, so i planned to shoot in open shade right after lunch. 

on my way to the predetermined shady spot, i saw this brilliant little nugget.  a perfect back to school location!  my first reaction, "i am so coming back here in the right light!"  my second thought, "get real!  you aren't gonna be back any time soon."  i was so right the second time!  so i jumped out and set up a few shots! 

obviously, the light is not optimal!  and when she opened her notebook, the reflected light was insane.  but i was so happy i played a little.  first, i have a great little shot to show a great back to school location for some mini sessions.  and second, i challenged myself a little shooting in a less than perfect spot. 

the shots i got here are not technically perfect, but i love the feeling they emote! 

tip of the week: if you see something you like, just shoot it!  you may not get the perfect shot, but you just  may learn something!

back to school portraits - Gilbert, AZ Children's Photogarpher

on my way to my previously decided location, i noticed this little awesome gem:
 i adore this rustic apple.  it was perfect for a back to school session, but the lighting was all wrong at mid-day.  we still tried a few shots:
 Anna brought her old notebook and wanted a picture with her favorite drawing:
 finally, we made our way over to the original location:

 i love this first day of school outfit!  thank you H&M!

 caught this cute little hair-flip while adjusting my settings:
 if she had it her way, this would be the pose for every shot!  what a ham!

love my little kindergartner!!!

wardrobe wednesday - Gilbert family photographer

the rest of the world may be feeling the first brisk breeze of autumn, but out here in AZ we still have triple digit temperatures.  what i like about these wardrobe suggestions is the color palate works for both summer and autumn.  again Mom is the one in the print, the soft peaches, blues, and plums are echoed in the clothes of the rest of her family.  this really is the epitome of simple and sweet! 

Welcom Colin - Gilbert Newborn Photographer

you may have heard the news: after 3 darling princesses, we finally welcomed a baby prince to the family!!!
i was thrilled to finally design for my own baby boy, and i got these in the mail this week!

it's always good times taking the family out for a quick session.  we did these when Colin was fresh home from the hospital.  my mom graciously helped me lug the table and chairs across the field.  the balloons were not that easy to wrangle either!  thanks mom!  the girls were super sweet and well behaved, but baby brother started crying about 2 seconds in.  here are a few of my favs:

we are  loving our newest angel!!!