Calling all AZ Brides!!!!

i've got your tickets to the

January 8&9th at the Phoenix Convention Center.  i'm an exhibitor that day and i'm giving away tickets to 3 lucky brides! email me at britain(at)britainearl(dot)com if your interested!

it's not too late for Christmas cards!

i design about a million different Christmas cards over the course of the year, and tend to send 2 or 3 different ones out.  i'm that indecisive.  this is the first one i've ordered so far, it's not mine, it's Shutterfly. 
here are some you can order from me:

each design can be ordered in 5x7 or 5x5 cardstock, with a matte or pearl finish. you can choose photos from your 2010 session with me, or send jpgs you already have.   they are $2 each and are delivered one week from the day you finalize your order. 

additionally, most of these designs can be adapted to Costco sized prints.  i can email you a jpg for uploading on their website.  the cost of the digital card is $25.  then you'll have a unique photo Christmas card in about a day!  email me at britain(at)britainearl(dot)com if you'd like to order!