Alana + Adam = Aladam

i had the pleasure of second shooting this Utah wedding with the wonderfully talented Erin T. every little detail was beautiful.
but nothing was more beautiful than the sentiments shared between the lovely bride and groom!

it's obvious that Adam and Alana share a wonderfully deep friendship, the perfect foundation of a happy life!
they also have great friends, and know how to party! since Adam is my cousin, i may be a bit biased when i say he was a very handsome groom. but i think the pictures speak for themselves:

and he has obviously chosen a beautiful girl to share his life with, way to go Adam!

touching ceremony, beautiful people, great meal, rocking tunes, thanks guys for a great party!!!

engaged: Corbynn + Tyler

last year my little sister got married. this year, my BABY sister is getting married. it's a little hard to imagine her walking down the aisle, when i can still feel the weight of her as a newborn in my 12 year old arms. but having spent this weekend with her and Ty, i feel confident that she's making a great choice!