engaged: Amanda + Gideon

beautiful girl + handsome young man = one happy couple

i have known Amanda a long time, i have only known Gideon a short time. but what i know about Amanda is that she is one smart cookie, who works hard, plays hard, and knows how to make good choices. therefore, what i do know about Gideon is he is one lucky guy.

i can't wait for December 18th!!!!

baby Scarlett

this girl was born to be a princess. when i was preparing for Scarlett's shoot, i knew exactly what i wanted to do. her mom's front room is luminous, literally, it is silver. so, i knew i wanted drama. i threw this red tutu into my bag of tricks for Scarlett. it seemed appropriate.

was it ever! mom did not shy away from the "Scarlett in red" idea. she was already planning on it with this big red daisy!

this baby was a dream, sleeping the entire time. but she did not want to change sides, she was comfy just the way she was!