three times the fun

when i agreed to photograph a family with 20 month old triplets, i have to say, i was a little nervous. my fears were put to rest immediately upon meeting these little angels. meet Rhianna, Jessica, and Aissa.

they were a littel wary of me when i invaded their house, but when we got over to the park, they started to like me. especially when i told them they could go play while i got to know mom and dad.
these two are the cutest, down to earth couple. obviously devoted parents, (he works days/she works nights, so the girls don't have to go to daycare), they are set to get married in April! with triplet toddlers Tara and Juan don't get a lot of one on one time. they laughed at how long it had been since they sat and looked into each others' eyes.

i hope you guys are taking a LONG honeymoon!

Tara, you will be a beautiful bride!
we headed on over to the playgound - really, just looking at this picture makes me feel tired. three under two!
the whole family got in on the act!
then we settled down, and got ready to trick or treat!
hope you guys had a happy halloween! thanks for sharing your day with me. i know your future is looking rosey with your happy little garden!

baby Gavin

i love babies! who doesn't?....okay, i know there are people out there who are "not baby people" i guess i get that. but a picture of a baby? now that's universally adorable!

i have yet to meet a newborn who didn't remind me that he or she was a sweet little angel sent from Heaven. this little guy was no exception.
he was nothing but sweetness and light. even smiling a little for me.
but he didn't want to do any of the poses i had planned for him. (under 2 weeks old is the best time for that.) so we let him tell us how to shoot and moved in close to capture some of those great baby details.
they grow up way too fast. it is so important to keep as many memories as you can of those 10 tiny toes and fingers!