welcome Sawyer

It's so nice when your favorite people have children, because then you get to add to the list of your favorite people. Meet Sawyer:

The adorable new son of my very best friend in the whole world. He joined his family after a long trip from Russia. I was so excited to meet him and see those cheeks up close and personal!
Mom has done an extraordinary job with the nursery. Yes, Sawyer is one lucky dude to have such a talented mother. (Of course he'll never truly appreciate it.)
These eyes are going to be trouble some day. I have a feeling he'll be quite the ladies man. My girls are definitely smitten!
This is one of my favorite shots of all time. As I said in my toast at her wedding, "My best friend has a new best friend."

sweet baby Jane

There's something about a newborn. They are such sweet little angels. And a baby girl, well I know first hand that they are the sweetest of them all. (okay, i'm a little biased) But after a long wait, and 2 very busy boys, my dear friend Carrie has a daughter of her own.

Jane is so sweet, and so spoiled. It's fun to spoil a baby girl with all those fun frilly things boys don't get.
She was so adorable for me. Sleeping most the time.
Look how happy she makes Mommy!
Sweet baby Jane!